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Diona L. Reeves
2 min readSep 26

A computer with an on-screen message to do more. The goal of @TheProductiveWriter is to help other writers achieve more through shared experiences and instructional guides.
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A few months ago, I was lost in a sea of papers and files. Incorporating the right tools and integrating an organizational system that met my needs helped me get back on track.

My output has since quadrupled, my viewership and earnings on Medium have increased, and I’m energized about my writing efforts once again.

As much as I love writing about the tactical side of things, however, I don’t want to bog down this feed with how-to pieces or instructional guides.

That’s why I will split future content between this account and The Productive Writer.

Here, I will continue posting personal experience articles, content on the art and craft of writing, and whatever else strikes a chord. My content on The Productive Writer will be more tactical, diving into the latest tools, applications, and methodologies.

Not everyone will find my ap useful, nor should they.

What works for you could be one application or five… A single organizational system, or a blended approach that marries elements of several theories.

My goal is not to sway you on a particular product or tell you what you should or should not use. It’s to share my experience in as much detail as I can, so you can make these decisions for yourself.

The journey to improve is as much about trying new things as it is finding the perfect groove. I hope you’ll join me there!

Diona L. Reeves

Author of The Prescott Diaries. Writes articles on productivity, the writing process, and this thing called life.