The Often-Overlooked Perk of Writing for Medium

As you post content here, keep this potential benefit in mind

Diona L. Reeves
2 min readSep 11, 2022

Use Medium as a steppingstone to your other writing efforts
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It’s no secret many of us joined Medium to make money doing something we love.

But reality is not always kind to our dreams.

Kristina God and Susan Kearley recently tackled the topic of writing for this platform with little guarantee of compensation.

I can relate to this frustration. But writing on this platform is about more than just the pennies earned per read.

Medium is a steppingstone to other opportunities.

Check out these words from Ayodeji Awosika in his article on how to increase the number of posts you write each month:

“… when you just work on writing your best stuff, opportunities come to you.”


“Top-tier publications ask for my permission to publish content. I don’t pitch anyone.”

Many of my posts delve into the psychological component of writing, but other topics interest me, too.

I posted an article today about the effect trigger points can have on your writing. And I have sister articles going up soon about the ins and outs of forming a business entity to legitimize your writing efforts.

Will any of these articles reach stratospheric levels on Medium?

Doubtful. The competition here is too great.

But Ayodeji’s wisdom reminds me that the amount I earn here is not the only consideration.

Regardless of how many views or followers we maintain, posting our work on Medium provides additional content to share with prospective clients and publications.

Most of the work I’ve completed the past few years is proprietary. I don’t have permission to share anything more than a vague description as I seek new writing gigs.

Having content on Medium that reflects both my experience and my interests enhances my portfolio. I can reference this information in client proposals and queries to publications.

The lesson in all this?

Even if you make nothing from the content posted here, there are other ways to use it for your benefit.

Keep this steppingstone mentality in mind as you write on Medium. Not only will it help relieve anxiety about exploring new topics, but it can also offset your discouragement over any lackluster payouts.

Diona L. Reeves

Author of The Prescott Diaries. Writes articles on productivity, the writing process, and this thing called life.