I Finally Made the Triple-Digit Club This Month on Medium

But what does that mean, really?

Diona L. Reeves
3 min readSep 26

Celebrating the unexpected — and realizing the benefits of being boosted on Medium are not just monetary.
Photo by Ambreen Hasan on Unsplash

“Congratulations! Your story has been boosted on Medium.”

This email was both a surprise and a sweet victory to my ravaged writer’s soul.

I wasn’t trying to be boosted. I was simply writing about a struggle I frequently face.

The success of a boosted article — and the triple-digit earnings that came with mine — is fleeting.

I know that.

But what a rush!

Opening the app to earnings much greater than my normal fare felt like an endless joyride.

My story seemed unstoppable, its views skyrocketing beyond my normal readership.

Then, just as fast, the ride was over.

The energy and momentum dwindled, like vapor in the air.

I wish I could pinpoint the exact reason my post was boost-worthy.

Was it because I talked openly about my propensity for negativity at both a personal and professional level?

Maybe it was the takeaway of why we should weed these thoughts from our lives.

I may never know why this post was more well-received than others of a similar vein.

If you can’t control what gets boosted or goes viral, how do you know where to direct your energy next?

You don’t.

You can only capitalize on the momentum.

I used the positive energy from this boost, for example, to complete several drafts lingering in my files. It was the kick-start I needed. The encouragement to press on.

But there’s no certainty that the next one or ten or even hundred posts will generate sizable traffic.

However, the odds of getting boosted are nil if you never publish your work.

So write. A lot.

And let go of any worry you harbor over the result.

The monetary benefit of boosted articles may be fleeting, but the confidence from having your work acknowledged is a great motivator to keep trying.

Diona L. Reeves

Author of The Prescott Diaries. Writes articles on productivity, the writing process, and this thing called life.