Focus on Your Writing Strengths

Maximize your energy where it counts

Diona L. Reeves
4 min readApr 25

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I’m in a weird space right now.

I published my novel about 2 months ago and continue to juggle a variety of projects, from paying client work to blogs and niche content.

But I’m not happy. Not even close.

Some of it’s to be expected. I spent a LOT of energy on my book, both emotional and physical. My creative resources are tapped.

So, while I thankfully have other manuscripts to work on, my thoughts are less about production now and more about what comes next. Specifically, my vision for a writing career I actually want.

I’ve been delving into my psychology background, which is the lens through which I process things when I’m stressed. I look inward to see what I can learn about myself and channel that knowledge outward. There’s a comfort in learning more about what makes you tick.

As part of my latest deep-dive, I reviewed the Enneagram typology and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, along with an approach I had never heard of called the CliftonStrengths® Assessment. Along with helping you pinpoint your assets, it offers this gem: Focus on your strengths to succeed, not your weaknesses.

It’s no mystery why this resonates with me right now. I have so little energy to give. Maybe as I recoup my reserves, I’ll be able to tackle more. But, for now, being selective is a blessing. It takes the pressure off and eliminates the need to “plug away” at those things I don’t really care for.

Of course, this approach means asking some tough questions.

Questions like…

  • Where do my abilities fall short? Or, more simply, where am I wasting my time and energy?
  • Where do I get the most return for my efforts (financial and emotional)?
  • What kind of writing am I best at?
  • What kind of writing excites me the most?
  • And perhaps the most important question right now… What type of writing breeds the most frustration?

I know instinctively where I need to be and where my strengths and weaknesses are. But sometimes I need an entity outside myself to reinforce that…

Diona L. Reeves

Author of The Prescott Diaries. Writes articles on productivity, the writing process, and this thing called life.