On a mission to return to my writing roots

My background

Just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, I left a well-paying job as Chief Operating Officer to pursue my lifelong aspirations of writing full-time. I’ve also managed a consulting business and served in editorial roles for a national non-profit and a trade magazine. …

What does being successful as a writer really mean?

Redefining success as a writer means celebrating all your achievements, regardless of how they are received | article by Diona L. Reeves
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Creative Success



Create a mobile office to boost your writing efforts

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Lessons learned and recommended reading for new novelists

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Let inspiration guide your efforts instead

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  1. “Write a lot.”


I just started using this application, and it’s already improved my writing

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Surviving the transition from executive to full-time writer

This picture of my dog is how I feel most days as I try to find my place in the writing world: stuck and wondering how I even got here | Diona L. Reeves
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Bringing us together one game at a time

Hockey has united my family the way nothing else has in the COVID-19 era | Diona L. Reeves
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Turning frustration into acceptance of the writer’s journey

Turn frustration with your writing efforts into an acceptance of the writer’s journey | Diona L. Reeves
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Finding fulfillment in the writing life

Focus on writing that is meaningful to you — Medium article by Diona L. Reeves
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  1. I wasn’t interested in the content I was being asked to write.
  2. I want more time to pursue what matters most.

Diona L. Reeves

Writes about personal development and the path to meaningful writing. Dog lover. Coffee addict. Hockey junkie. Novelist.

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