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I love the brainstorming component of writing, especially new projects. And the more involved they are, the better.

But, while the churning of numerous topics feels great in my head, actually completing what I start is a different beast, and something I’ve struggled with lately. …

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As the new year looms, I’m brainstorming ideas for how I can be better next year… As a parent, a spouse, and a freelancer.

The simple truth for me is this — I’ve been too passive lately, seeking ways to write for others via service-type jobs or random submissions. This…

The topics we write about may not be unique, but we can bring our own experience to whatever we create
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I’ve lost count of how many times I started an article and shelved it because it wasn’t quite ready to publish it… Only to see another author post something similar.

Is it something in the air? Possibly. Or the news cycle, or the change of seasons, or any number of…

Diona L. Reeves

Writes about personal development and the path to meaningful writing. Animal lover. Coffee addict. Hockey junkie. Aspiring novelist.

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