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I’ve been thinking a lot about writing voice.

Some of it’s because I’m jumping around right now, trying to tackle way too many things at once. And some of it is just a general frustration with my inability to tap into what makes me unique as a writer.

I used…

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The more writers you read, the more opinions you’ll get… On everything. Especially on the topic of writing.

Journaling is no exception. Some writers refuse to do it, choosing instead to save their creative energy for work in which they get paid. …

Repurposing Medium content for Vocal | Article and photo by Diona L. Reeves
Repurposed Medium article on Vocal | Photo courtesy of the author

Earlier this week, I signed up for a Vocal+ subscription. Read about my initial sign-up experience.

I published two articles, both repurposed content that received little traction on Medium.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

1. The approval process takes about a day.

Vocal notes a 24-hour turnaround for article…

Diona L. Reeves

Writes about personal development and the path to meaningful writing. Animal lover. Coffee addict. Hockey junkie. Aspiring novelist.

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